Diet and Weight Management            
  Create multiple user profiles
  Record and graph weight
  Record goals other than weight (e.g. blood pressure,  heart rate, waist measurement, etc.)
  Daily meal planning calendar (view and edit meals for a day)
  Weekly meal planning calendar (view and edit meals for an entire week)
  Monthly meal planning calendar (view and edit meals for an entire month)
  Customizable diet reports
  User-defined diet goals (e.g. sleep, depression, etc.)
  Meal and day total nutrition calculations
  Diet diary
  "Before" and "after" pictures
  Share diet meal plans with other users
Recipe Management            
  Copy recipes from the Internet
  Import recipe from other applications
  Calculate recipe nutrition
  Import USDA nutrition updates
  Export recipes to files (FDX, MasterCook, Meal-Master or Pocket Express file formats)
  Export recipes as web pages (HTML files)
  Scale recipes
  Convert recipe units
  Add photographs to recipes
  Organize recipes into user-defined folders and sub-folders
  Enter recipe cooking tips and author notes
  Enter recipe reviews
  Sort recipes by average rating
  Search for recipes by average rating
  User-defined recipe searches
  Flag recipes as favorites
  E-mail recipes from within the software
  Customizable recipe displays
  Automatically eliminate duplicate recipes
Cooking and Diet Reference            
  Searchable library of cooking techniques
  Searchable cooking and diet glossary
  Create grocery lists
  Create grocery lists from meals, menus or recipes
  Organize grocery lists by grocery aisles
  Calculate grocery list item and total costs
  Create a grocery list for multiple stores
  Calculate cost subtotals for each store in a grocery list
  Backup application database
  Compact application database
  Body mass index calculator
  Calorie calculator
  Database of cooking and diet web sites
Help and Support            
  Illustrated online help
  Searchable help with index
  Animated training tutorials

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