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General Diet

3 Fat Chicks
American Heart Association - Diet and Nutrition
Diet Central
Fad Diets
iVillage Diet and Fitness
The Diet Channel
WebMD Weight Loss Clinic

Atkins/Low Carb

Atkins Diet Forum
Active Low Carber Forums
Atkins Diet & Low Carbohydrate Weight-Loss Support
Atkins Diet Bulletin Board
Atkins Diet Menu
Cooking Truly Low Carb
Lo Carb Living
Low Carb Eating
Low Carb Friends
Low Carb Luxury
Low-Carb Pavillion
SugarBane's Low Carb Lifestyle Support Site
The Low Carb Cafe

Cabbage Soup Diet

Cabbage Soup Diet Information
iVillage: Cabbage Soup Diet
The Cabbage Soup Diet
Weight Loss with Cabbage Soup Diet

Diabetic Diet

Diabetic Diet and Recipes
Joslin Diabetes Center

Fad Diets

About Fad Diets
American Heart Association: Fad Diet Information
iVillage: America's Top Six Fad Diets

South Beach Diet The South Beach Diet Mount Sinai's South Beach Diet South Beach Diet
South Beach Diet
  South Beach Diet Information


Get Zoned
iVillage: Zone Diet
Zone Home
ZoneFul Thinking

Other Diets
Jenny Craig
Lose Weight America
The Weight Loss Center
Weight Watchers

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