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KB0003 - Error importing a MasterCook recipe

The information in this articles applies to:
Diet Pro (all versions)
MasterCook 6 (mx2) recipe export files

When you attempt to import a MasterCook recipe file an error occurs. The error might include the following error message:

  Class: nfc_n_cst_error
  Message: Error creating a recipe.SQLErrText: SQLSTATE = S1000 [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Field 't_recipe.recipename' cannot be a zero-length string.

This problem only occurs when a recipe name contains quotes (e.g. "Green" Pork Loin).

The MasterCook 6 MX2 file format uses XML (Extensible Markup Language) to encode the recipe information, but sometimes MasterCook breaks some of the XML rules, in this case the rule regarding quotes in the document content areas. You can't put quotation marks in the content area of an XML document because quotation marks are used as delimiters to denote the start and end of XML attribute content. For example, in the MasterCook file a recipe name line might read as follows:

  <RcpE name=""Green" Pork Loin" author="n/a">

Living Cookbook will read this line as follows:

  name="" (not valid in Living Cookbook and causes an error)
  Green" Pork Loin" (text that the parser thinks is garbage so it discards it"

This line should read as follows:

  <RcpE name="&quot;Green&quot; Pork Loin" author="n/a">

In the above line the quotes have been encoded as &quot; in order to differentiate them from the XML delimiter quotes.


Open the offending file using a text editor (such as Notepad) and search for recipe names that contain quotes. Replace the quotes in the recipe name with &quot; as shown above.

  This issue has been resolved.

If this article does not solve your problem or if you cannot find a resolution to your problem, please let us know. Please post your question or the details of your problem on the Diet Pro Support Forum.

Steps to Reproduce the Problem
1. Open Diet Pro.
2. Select Import from the File menu.
3. Click MasterCook 6 (mx2), then click Next.
4. Click the Import File ellipsis button (...) and select a MasterCook 6 file that contains a recipe with quotes in the recipe name.
5. Type the cookbook's name in the New Cookbook box, then click Next.


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